How can I help?

by Yannick

There are multiple things you can do to help us move this site forward :

  • Share with your friends
  • Like and share the facebook page
  • Talk about it when you’re looking for a conversation topic
  • Connect to the website and vote/comment on problems, add new problems, participate !
  • Share the problems that impact you on social networks and start conversations about them
  • If you think you can use this website for a personal or professional project, contact us, maybe we can make the site evolve to answer your needs more precisely.
  • Share suggestions/ideas to improve the website with us, or let us know why you think it’s a bad idea, why you don’t want to participate, criticize the interface.
  • Run around naked in the street with a megaphone, shouting “ !!!” if you’re more of an outdoor activist

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