by Yannick

Solucracy is a big project that required hundreds of hours of work, mistakes, hair pulling and shooting oneself in the foot.

It could not have been created 20 years ago simply because the open source community was not as developed as it is now.

In my opinion, it is therefore only natural to thank all the people, communities and organizations that participated or facilitated the development of Solucracy.

####### People

  • Valentin Coudert developed the interface of the very first version and created the integration with Google maps.
  • David Sanders designed the category logos and a large part of the application pages. He also created the logo when the site was called
  • Gregory Genlot tested the first version of and provided the most professional bug report I have seen so far. And there was a lot of them:-)
  • Lorenzo Favia for connecting with a whole bunch of wonderful people who are constantly fighting to advance our society

####### Organizations

  • Open Democracy, which works to network actors in democratic innovation and the development of citizen participation.
  • Bio-optronics, my previous employer, for introducing me to the world of software and giving me time to gather my strength to get started.
  • The associationPangloss Labs for accompanying, advising, supporting, guiding and continuing to do so.
  • Crazy Toads and especially Mose for their support and help to free the code, make the project grow and make it available to everyone!

####### Free and Open Source Software

As I was saying, none of this would have been possible without the free and open source software and tools that thousands of people work on every day:

  • Wamp, a web development platform that allows you to easily install a PHP/Mysql environment to create websites.
  • Stack Overflow, a source of knowledge and incredible inspiration. Without this site, each bug, each programming question would have taken 10 times longer to find its solution.
  • Font Awesome, which allows you to use its icons as a font for free, and avoids hours of graphics.
  • Bootstrap,]( interface development toolbox, which allows you to quickly and easily create pages adapted to all screen formats.
  • JQuery, JS function library. All these shortcuts allow you to add great features without having to spend hours debugging code.
  • EverSql, SQL query optimizer, thanks to which the problem list does not take 83 seconds to load…
  • Google, without whom the cost of this whole project would have been much higher, and even if it is not excluded to switch to Open Street Map, Google Suite will still be useful to organize itself.
  • Lemon Pie, for the original name and saving dev hours to comply with the DGMP.
  • Jquery TagsInput, for their small keyword entry interface.
  • Stripe, whose very simple interface allows you to make donations in a secure way
  • JQuery Growl, which allows you to display the badges you earn as you go along.
  • Github, which stores all the code and ensures that there is no need to amputate a leg when I shoot myself in the foot.
  • SwiftMailer, who sends you your emails.
  • Inkscape, which allows you to draw vectorial drawings, create icons etc…. if it’s ugly, it’s not Inkscape’s fault but my taste.

The list will undoubtedly grow even longer. If you too would like to participate in this adventure, do not hesitate to contact us!

The code is here

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